What is a “beach vacation”? Everyone puts their meaning in this concept. For some, a vacation at sea – a beach holiday, lying on the sand, enjoy the warm rays of the sun, the lapping of the waves whispering breeze. Sunbathing on the beach, wander through the warm sand, dive into the water, take a picture of seascapes. For someone – a holiday on a yacht or a sea cruise. Leisure at sea can be active, and one of its components – is diving, diving with scuba diving. Rest of the sea is different depending on the country, beach, seasons, sand, environment and local culture.

Where to go for a vacation in the summer?
Summer – a traditional vacation at sea. Whether it Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey or any European direction – from Poland to Portugal – anywhere there is a high level of service, but there are differences in prices. Suitable for budget travel. A Mediterranean beaches of Italy, Greece and Turkey will cost more. In exotic countries in the summer you can go, but there is a chance to get in the rainy season or showers. But it will be good to ride in advance to study the geographical and climatic features of a particular country. Mediterranean Sea – is not just a beach holiday, but also a large water area, mastered lovers yahtah.Takoy on vacation at sea available to many, and is comparable in price with a relaxing stay in a nice hotel. At the same time you learn a lot of interesting things about the attractions and sightseeing places that will pass. The Red Sea is considered the best place for diving. Nowhere in the world will you find such a variety of fish and coral in the Red Sea. Diving in the Red Sea – one of the most attractive points for tourists visiting Egypt (and, incidentally, expensive pleasure compared to exotic islands). Red Sea Holidays unforgettable experience. Finally, windsurfing and kitesurfing – fascinating leisure activities at sea. Countries where it is better to go for a vacation in the summer in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro. in winter In winter, you can always go to the year-round warm countries, and even celebrate New Year at sea. These areas are India, Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives, Canary Islands, United Arab Emirates. Caribbean Resorts in Venezuela, Cuba or the Dominican Republic, too, welcome guests, offering beaches and palm trees, and “all inclusive”. South-East Asia, led by Thailand, will provide an unusual and exotic vacation. White sand, coconut palms, paradise beaches and the unique nature and culture of the sea will make guests feel comfortable. Indian Ocean gives holiday in the Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles, Africa, on the shores of the year due to the climate and natural conditions. Suitable for a relaxing break by the sea in the winter country: Venezuela, Cuba, Mauritius, UAE, India, Thailand, Seychelles, Jamaica, the Philippines, Indonesia, Bali, Maldives, Israel, Laos, Canary Islands, Myanmar, Vietnam, Tenerife. In the spring In some countries, the season ends with a spring, or just beginning. For example, Italy has already taken the first tourists of the sea. Israel and Tunisia – the optimal ratio of water and air temperatures and the price is still not the most biting. UAE, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines in Southeast Asia, Cuba and Venezuela in the Caribbean – this is the best place for a holiday by the sea in the spring. In the autumn If your vacation falls in the autumn and you do not know where to go, you should get acquainted with the peculiarities of leisure in Singapore, the UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tunisia, the Maldives or the Seychelles, in the Canary Islands or Majorca. Relax on the beaches of Koh Chang and Koh Samui in Thailand is best in late autumn, at the beginning of the tourist season, when the beaches are still not crowded by visitors. September-October is still good to visit Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, but not everywhere. The traditional summer holiday destinations in the Black and Mediterranean Seas are renowned at this time, “the velvet season”, so the resort in September and October are filled with holidaymakers who want to have time to touch the heat. And, of course, the beaches of the coast of the United States are preparing entertainment for wealthy tourists! all the year round Year-round beach resorts in Mauritius, Venezuela, the Canary Islands, Cuba, Jamaica, Egypt, Dominican Republic. More and more tourists are choosing exotic and new directions, despite the high cost of tours and a long flight – such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam or Laos. But traditional resorts do not become any less attractive, because the rest is different everywhere, and gives the greatest differences culture, traditions, language and other characteristics of a country, which is preferred as a holiday destination.
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