If you have a good habit to do exercises every morning, being sure to sea, you can take in water. Beach run, but not in water. This should be done in the following way: go in the water, the water should reach the chest. And start running. Run water about 15 minutes after which you can continue a little beach; Exercises with hands in water, but now the water should be at shoulder height. Repeating these simple exercises every morning upon arriving home, you will notice that the whole figure looks gorgeous. I would like to add that if you are on the beach use every opportunity to keep in shape. And another thing – do these exercises on an empty stomach. Therefore, it can be an exercise in the morning, or about two hours at the table. Otherwise, you might be wrong. Little attention should be paid to nutrition. Of course, you should not eat fat. But being on holiday, do not forget about the large amount of vitamins that your body can get from fruits and vegetables in season. So you have to endure hunger, just try to be fed properly and the extra weight will disappear as if by magic. So, get ready for a summer vacation. But the problem remains without attention and how to lose weight effectively and quickly to go to the sea, because not everyone wants to go to a resort with a big belly. So can a little weak at home and on the beach to continue. We wish you pleasant and useful rest!
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