Valentina Tour travel agency proposes some tips tourists to spend holidays with minimal financial losses. Communication You have arrived in the country where you spend your holiday, buy a local SIM card. So that you can call home at a lower price, and a phone number can be helpful in your next trip. Shopping ATM remove small amounts of money to learn committee. And even better – to pay by card, so you’ll pay at the rate set by the bank. Do not do too much shopping – on the way back when the baggage weight will exceed the maximum limit provided, you have to pay extra. Try to ignore the large boutiques with clothes and shoes, choose a small shop where you can buy cheap stuff, exclusive. Food and liquor is best to choose those local products – they are fresher, tastier and cheaper than imported. excursions Do not forget that there are countries where it is much safer to visit attractions with a guide. For example, tour operators urges tourists not to travel independently in Egypt or Tunisia. Most museums regularly hold free day visit. Where are these days, you can visit the official website of the museum. Also, do not forget that pensioners, students and students receive discounts. recreation Valentina Tour travel agency advises you make a plan for the holiday, so you do not get bored. Otherwise, you need to be entertained in bars and shops, where you leave a good part of the money for vacation. Guides often publish information on restaurants with high prices, you, of course, you can visit, but it is better to choose premises situated on the second line with a menu more democratic. If you like a certain local and you are going to dine there, try to be friends with the waiters, for example, give them a souvenir from Moldova. In this case, certainly small discounts and bonuses in the form of sweets or fruits you will get. Fair sex should know that some clubs offer free or low for girls. As a rule, information on this organization are available on the door or on the club’s official website. Transport To reach the hotel from the airport is best with Aeroexpress. Opting for this mode of transport, you will save not only money but also time and – Express sites usually go downtown, and takes on average half an hour. Discard the taxi, subway or choose other means of public transport – with an online map you can plan a route, so you do not have to be afraid that you might be lost. To save money, instead of a ticket – two travelers we advise you to buy travel pass, which are found in many tourist towns. If you go on a journey by car, choose a hotel with parking, so you will not have to pay for parking. Not worth what you save: Not worth saving and do not visit major museums and viewing platforms from which you can see all the beauty of the city with a panoramic view. Do not skimp, familiarize yourself with the national cuisine of the country you are. In most cases, these dishes can be found in the premises of Moldova, but will probably be more expensive and not as tasty. Valentina Tour advises you not to save money when choosing a hotel – if you choose a very CHEAP HOTEL, the hotel is probably not only the quality but also the service and food to be of poor quality. Remember that the hotel’s location also plays a role – often cheap hotels are located far from the center. Travel expenses at this hotel will offset the money saved on the hotel.
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